How to Submit

Heard Tell Submissions

Heard Tell is an audio component of the Looking at Appalachia project. We seek to expand the project to include other ways of sharing stories. We encourage the submission of interviews, field recordings, soundscapes, etc. inspired by photographs from the project as well as other regional influences. We hope to use this platform to expand our community, encourage collaboration, and get to know our neighbors better. 

Submissions are open to everyone, however all work submitted must be the copyright of the artist. Please send the link to the image you are responding to or other pertinent information with your submission. There is no limit to the number of submissions. If you have a website, please include it with your submission. Lastly, before submitting work for consideration, please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1. Find a photograph you want to respond to in the Looking at Appalachia collection or another regional theme.
2. If you want to respond to a photograph, check here to see if the photograph has already been selected.*
3. Your audio submission should be no more than 10 minutes long (interviews, field recordings, soundscapes, etc.).
4. Email your submission, link to the photograph to which you're responding to (if you're responding to a photograph), or other pertinent photographs, writings, etc. to project director Roger May.

*We intend to only publish a response to an image one time, so once that image has been selected, it won't be published again.