Frequently Asked

Do you sell images through the project's website or gallery shows? No. If a potential collector or buyer is interested in purchasing your work, we direct them directly to you, the photographer. That's why it's a good idea to include your website and contact information when submitting work.

I have a project for school and I really want to use some of the pictures on the website. Is that OK? Of course we want the work to be seen, but we also want to make sure the respective photographers are properly credited and that images are used as intended within the scope of the project. Please contact projector director Roger May for written permission before using any of the work on the site.

I see you have people posting from the project's Instagram account. How can I take over the Looking at Appalachia Instagram? Periodically, the project's Instagram account is handed over to a contributing photographer for a period of days to post dispatches from the region. If you are interested in contributing via Instagram, please contact director Roger May and share a link to your Instagram page.

Why can't I submit pictures outside the 420 counties listed on the Appalachian Regional Commission defined area? Simply put, we have to have boundaries for the project. Though this project is in no way supported by or affiliated with the Appalachian Regional Commission, we use their established boundaries as a blueprint from which to work.

Why can't I share work from previous years? The scope of the project is Appalachia as it is at present. The call for work is open to the current calendar year.

How will I know if my work has been selected? Once selections have been made by the editorial board and new work has been added to the project website, you will be notified by email. The board usually views submissions twice monthly, though we try to review them as soon as possible.

If my work is selected, do I still own the copyright? Absolutely! You, the photographer, will always own the rights to the work you create. Looking at Appalachia will always credit you if your image is used for promotional purposes. See our full terms and conditions here.

I want to submit photographs, but I'm not sure what "1500 pixels on the longest side, 72ppi" means. This is very important when submitting files for consideration. Files sent at the wrong size will not be considered for the project. Simply put, we do not have the time to resize your images if they aren't submitting correctly. We may send you an email to let you know they're the wrong dimensions, but it's best to submit your work per the specifications here. There are plenty of free online image editors and tutorials that can assist you if you're not sure how to properly size photographs. 

What's the best way for me to submit my images? You can email your submissions or if you use Dropbox, you can send a link to your submissions.